Active vs Passive (Index tracking) investing with Niki Giles

Niki Giles, COO of Sygnia, talks to us about the difference between Active and Passive investing, and how to buy an index tracker.  Having been involved in the investment industry for many years, she shares why she believes that there are benefits of both Active and Passive Investing.  She also tells us how Passive investing can work for both New and Advanced investors.

Show notes

  • The difference between Active and Passive investing
  • How an index works
  • Why Passive Investing is not actually passive
  • How you judge performance of an index
  • The pro’s and cons of investing in either an active or passive fund
  • Why you’d choose either an active or passive manager
  • Why Warren Buffet wants his money to be invested in trackers after he dies
  • Whether it’s an either / or or both option
  • How both new and experienced investors should invest
  • The impact of fees over time on the amount of money you’ll have in your back pocket when you retire
  • How you choose your Tracker and actually buy it
  • Understanding a Balanced Fund – for both Active and Passive investing
  • What’s a Robo Adviser and how do you use one
  • What happens to a person when they invest in something that’s more risky than they would like
  • The most important things to consider when investing

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