019 -An honest look at parenting with Julia Pappas

This episode I chat to Julia Pappas – a psychologist, parenting coach, and the host of the podcast Minimum Viable Parenting.  As working parents, there’s always guilt that we’re getting it wrong.  How much time is OK on screens, and why there’s a direct correlation between social media usage and depression.  We discuss boundaries, attachment and examining the expectations we have of ourselves as parents.

Show notes:

  • Having a Minimum Viable Parenting approach
  • What the three minimum basics you need in place for parenting
  • Boundaries – and the framework to use to change boundaries with a teenager
  • How much screen time is OK?
  • Why there’s a correlation between social media usage and depression
  • The importance of attachment as our children grow older
  • How we get over the guilt that we aren’t always around when we work
  • The huge need to exam the assumptions that imbibe our world view that may not represent our values
  • How to deal with the insatiable need for your time or any other need by your children
  • The importance of teaching our children context – and not to get triggered by our children’s comments
  • We discuss Parent Burnout (it has a name!!!)  – and the emotional and cognitive impact of Parent Burnout – and how to heal that
  • The relationship that’s right in your zone to give you strength
  • The foundation a child needs


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