44 – Living your future now

“I want to live NOW… But I also want to have enough money for my future!” This is probably the most common response I get when I ask someone what their biggest worry is when it comes to money. Sound familiar?

We live in a society that promotes living life to its fullest now. But what if I told you that money is finite, and we are spending now the money we should have in our futures? In other words, if we can’t potentially afford something when we retire, why do we think that we can afford it now?

I propose a radical idea: What if we only lived now at the same level of what our future could afford? And we only upgraded our current living when our future could afford that upgrading? The pay-back is (almost) priceless!

Show Notes

  • Could you live today on the salary that your retirement will pay out?
  • The concept of “enough”
  • Choices around instant gratification vs. necessity
  • Lisa’s two hypotheses of this phenomena
  • The myth that there is “always tomorrow”
  • Comparing ourselves to our peer group
  • Finiteness of our money
  • Managing expectations now and for the future
  • Working beyond retirement
  • Future-proofing your current savings
  • Expense-conscious living
  • Living today at the level that our future can afford
  • Freedom that comes with knowing your future is financially safe
  • Find out how much you need to live now AND enjoy what life has to offer

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