012 – Behind the scenes with Health expert and business owner, Lisa Raleigh

Lisa Raleigh talks to us about how she evolved herself, her brand and business from Personal Trainer, to Media personality through The Biggest Loser, to Wellness Expert and now working mum.

Show notes

  • Go behind the scenes with Lisa Raleigh, The Biggest Loser trainer, as she tells us what it was like to train the contestants on the show… and how that experience changed her life.
  • We discuss what it feels like to feel the fear of failure in the face of the huge opportunity to be on screen
  • The sacrifices she made to step change her business
  • How her business pivoted as she grew and changed and saw gaps in the market
  • She answers the question – why don’t we as humans do what we know is good for us?
  • What it takes to change your behaviour on a long term basis
  • The 3 things that successful people have in common
  • The power of consistent small changes in your health and wealth to long term success
  • The impact of becoming a mum on her life and her business
  • How she copes as a working mum, and helps working mums cope
  • How she’s started to productise her business
  • How she’s helping working moms to easily start their health and wellness journey

Learn more from Lisa

  • www.lisaraleigh.com
  • Elimin8 – her program to eliminate 8 different toxins to help your digestion, skin, energy, happiness and health
  • Rebounding program – the fast and effective way to get a cardio and strength workout

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