025 – Behind the scenes with Wine Master and Marketing Director, Jenny Ratcliffe-Wright

Jenny Ratcliffe-Wright was South Africa’s youngest Wine Master when she qualified.  Following her qualification in Cordon Bleu, she pursued a successful career in food and wine product development before she turned her attention full time to all things wine.  In this light hearted episode, she takes us behind the scenes in the wine industry and shares with us how they’re taking Warwick Wine internationally.  She’s an Author of Spit or Swallow, a fun take on wine, as well as an international judge of judge and the Marketing Director of Warwick Wine.

Show notes

  • What it takes to become a Wine Master – and the exercises she did to enable her to taste brandy at 7am!
  • The impact of globalisation on wine – and what makes a great wine
  • She teaches us what makes a wine taste the way it tastes
  • Her recent selection as a Mundus Vini wine judge – and what it takes to judge international wine competitions on blind tasting with industry experts
  • The difference between South African and European and International wines
  • How Warwick took their wine from a local South African brand to an international brand
  • Lessons learnt from working in a family business
  • The lessons she learnt in her first career in food development and wine buying on her current career
  • Why she wrote her book, Spit or Swallow, to communicate her passion for wine
  • When she feels most out of her depth – as an expert! – and how she manages that fear
  • Her next brewing idea for her book

Learning more from Jenny

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