27 - Jacqui Letran

027 – Mindset Mentor, Stop the Bully Within podcast host, and author Jacqui Letran

Jacqui Letran is a Mindset Mentor, award winning author, and host of the Stop the Bully Within podcast.  She shares her journey from a 16 year old teenage mum to the owner of her own business helping adults and teenagers.  We discuss her self-publishing journey, and the work she does to help people change their mindsets.

  • She shares her early journey as a school bully teenage mum and high school dropout, and the mindset she had to change
  • What she saw in her nursing work with teenagers that made her move from nursing to starting her own business
  • Masking your challenges vs. doing the work to change your mindset
  • Her fears and journey to a double number 1 ranking self-published author and why she chose that above traditional publishing
  • How a 1-star rating rocked her world, and the strategy she used to overcome that downer
  • How to stop the bully within you – and the 4 secret weapons the bully uses against you
  • The 4 tools to change your mindset – and the stages to progress the re-wiring of your brain… and whether you can re-wire your brain
  • Why the creation of your masterpiece is the first step to changing your mindset – and how to incorporate into your morning routine
  • How to keep your mindset positive through the day
  • How parents can work with their teenagers
  • Goal setting and how to ensure you’re able to achieve it

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