46 – Investing vs. paying off debt

Should I invest, or should I pay off my debt first? Good question! And I love exploring this topic with my clients and finding a fitting solution.

I may not know your personal circumstances to sensibly advise you, but I do know that the first step to building wealth and being financially free is to truly understand your HABITS. I always say that wealth is 90% behaviour and only 10% investment knowledge. So, there are some things to consider when it comes to deciding to invest your money, or to pay off your debt, or to find a happy medium!

Show notes

  • The most important consideration is your own behaviour – have an honest conversation with yourself
  • Understanding your short-and long-term debt and their linked interest rates
  • The mindful habit of investing and thinking of your future – even it is small amounts
  • The golden rule of wealth is to NEVER use capital to fund expenses
  • Better to pay off short-term debt first – credit cards, personal loans, clothing accounts, etc.
  • Long-term debt goals – you should pay at least one month’s extra payment a year
  • The practice of “taking the money off the table”
  • Small regular investments beat lump sum investments any day!

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