56 Why corporates and universities get it wrong

I’ve recently launched my first online course! Yay! But it soon dawned on me how much I’ve learnt at university or experienced at some big corporate was all wrong for today’s online business world! Not much works the way they teach it in textbooks or training rooms!

Make no mistake, I am privileged to have studied at some of the best universities in the world, I have worked at some of the most well-known companies in the 21st century. But NOTHING could have prepared me for starting my own business! To launch a product the way I was traditionally trained would have taken years of testing, prototyping, scripting, editing, branding, etc.

So, what is the biggest lesson I’ve learned thus far? Completion is better than perfection. Every time!

Show notes

  • Why universities and traditional business fall short in today’s fast-paced world
  • The training course allowed me the opportunity to structure key insights for a desired result
  • Not much works the way they teach it
  • Perfection comes with long lead times and complicated processes
  • A traditional launch would have taken years of testing, prototyping, scripting, editing, branding, etc.
  • Releasing a non-perfect is the biggest obstacle I have learned to overcome
  • Managing your client’s expectations
  • Clients want to know that they are dealing with someone authentic in the online business world
  • Big business pay millions to launch a product or service
  • Take advantage of the feedback from mavericks and early adopters
  • Co-creation and insight from the mavericks is invaluable
  • Our challenge is to un-bundle the traditional thinking around product conception, design and deployment
  • Traditional business methodologies were right for its time
  • The need to evolve our thinking of how best to service our markets
  • Avoid corporate rubber-stamping and personal perfection
  • The move from strong, wise and dominant leadership to humble co-creation and collaboration
  • Be brave to be free!

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