026 – The assumptions we make about money

It’s too late when you’re 60 to find out the assumptions you made at 40 about your money were incorrect – and worse yet, to need to start work again after you’ve been retired for a few years.  As humans, we unconsciously live our lives based on many assumptions.  As a wealth adviser, I deal daily with people who are making huge financial decisions they’re not even conscious they’re making.  These are some of the most common assumptions I see.

Show notes

  • The A-Ha moment I had whilst being interviewed
  • Where our assumptions come from
  • The most common assumptions I come across as a wealth adviser – and which of these are seriously flawed
  • The assumptions we make about corporate employee retirement funds that could be blowing your future
  • The most common assumption women make that most men don’t make
  • The worst assumption people make about aging
  • The mindfulness you need – so that you afford yourself the opportunity to make conscious decisions earlier on in our lives

Mentioned on this show

  • My interview with Tamar Mar
  • Nancy Kleine’s book, Time to think

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