017 – Passive income through property with Tamar Mar

In a few years Tamar Mar built a property portfolio with a passive income that has enabled her to leave her job as a COO in a multi-million dollar business and become the ‘CEO of her dreams’ and of her own business, the Morata Group.  She’s now sharing this knowledge through her podcast, Investing for Life.  Lisa Linfield caught up with Tamar to understand how she did this, and find out her lessons for those who’d like to create a passive income stream through property.

Show notes

  • How she decided and was able to be the ‘CEO of her own dreams’ with intentional lifestyle design
  • How she worked over time to scale down her expenses and scale up her property portfolio to the point where her passive income enabled her to go full time into her business
  • The best strategies to enable you to save money as a couple – and how she and her husband did it
  • What it truly takes to build a property portfolio
  • Her morning routine that sets her up for success
  • The criteria for buying properties on auction and the lessons she’s learnt from buying on auction
  • How they finance investing (note, a Heloc is similar to an access bond in South Africa)
  • What syndication of property is, and how you run it
  • How long you need to hold property in order to make money, and why
  • How she’s built an amazing network of property investors and providers
  • How she fits it all in!!!!
  • Her unique approach to being Mentored…
  • Understanding how to get into property investing

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