66 What’s Your Money Type? with Monica Shah

Avoider? Saver? Spender? Or Martyr? When you combine your money mindset with your money type, you know your current relationship status with money. Financial freedom is not an end destination. It is the ability to make money regardless of circumstance!

I chat with Monica Shah, the Founder of Revenue Breakthrough. We unpack what it takes to make a consistent, sustainable income by moving your relationship from just MOTION into ACTION.

Show notes

  • Monica’s career journey to found Revenue Breakthrough.
  • The reality of jumping into your own business and the unforeseen debt!
  • What does it take to make consistent, sustainable income?
  • Monica’s ah-ha moment is when she realised that she was working backwards.
  • The sad reality of working twice as hard with half the money than you can potentially make!
  • Five main steps to generating money:
    • Shift your relationship with money
    • Focus on income-generating business activities
    • Tracking the (right) numbers closely
    • Follow the plan
    • Rinse and repeat!
  • Don’t get distracted with the daily to-do lists!
  • SELLING is the most important entrepreneurial skill to learn!
  •  Understanding your money type based on your relationship:
    • Avoider
    • Saver
    • Spender
    • Martyr
  • The difference between MOTION and ACTION.
  • You are not going to spend 100% of your time doing what you love.
  • How badly do you want it?

More about Monica

Check out Monica’s website and her awesome book, Getting Rich: You’re Doing It Wrong.

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