55 The ABC’s to live your life fearlessly with Robin Meyers

Fear! That dreaded, paralysing feeling in the pit of your stomach! Did you know that fear begins imprinting in our brains at the age of 7? Being an overachiever my whole life, my anxiety stems from the fear of failure. So, how do we reset our brains to overcome our fears? How do we live fearlessly?

I chat with Fear Strategist, Robin Meyers, who at the age of 53 realised that she wasn’t satisfied with her job, lived in self-doubt, and knew she needed a drastic change. And she proves that you are never too old to step into your passion and start something great!

Robin is the podcast host of Activate Bold Choices, and is also the founder of Navigate and Empower, a company that specialises in supporting and empowering women to make meaningful transitions to live their best life yet.

Show notes

  • Robin’s background, corporate- and entrepreneurial journey
  • Never learning to ask and never speaking up
  • Robin’s epiphany comes from her perspective of life and mortality at 53
  • Transition from well-paid job to setting up her own career
  • The biggest challenge is your loved ones accepting that you will not be the same person than when you started
  • Robin’s process of assessing her clients
  • Managing triggers and layers of self-doubt and negative self-talk
  • Providing tools, strategies and reset buttons to manage triggers
  • The power of a morning routine: set your intentions for the day!
  • A journey of self-discovery and rewiring the brain
  • Facing your fear:
    • Why does fear stop us from doing what we need to do?
    • What are the positive things that fear brings?
    • How do we overcome fear?
  • Learning to use fear is an advantage
  • Give yourself the gift of trying to overcome your negative voice
  • Robin’s methodological process to empower yourself
  • What’s next for Robin!

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