39 – Aging Parents: dealing with the financial and emotional challenges

Helping aging parents is indiscriminant in the toll it takes – the reversal of roles is tough, not to mention the physical and emotional burden it places on adult children.

Sheryl Smith, a registered nurse, certified health coach and host of the engAGING Conversations podcast talks to us about what it takes to manage aging parents.

Show notes

  • Dealing with the geographic dislocation when you’re not present in the same town as your parents
  • What happens when you’re the sibling stuck in the same town managing the physical and emotional needs of your aging parents
  • The challenge of the baby boomers who are the Silver Tsunami – 10,000 retiring each day
  • The reason why everyone 55 or younger should include caring for their parents financially in their budgets – until you get to see their full finances and have someone help you know how long it will last
  • The checklist of things you need to speak to your parents about – NOW!
  • Why it’s important to deal the conversations now – rather than when old family issues rise up over the stressfull end of life period

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