37 – The 4 key factors of EQ + how to grow yours

Candice Dick is an Emotional Intelligence expert and the host of the EQ Evolution podcast and consulting company.  Understanding the four key philosophies of emotional intelligence, and how you can understand and grow EQ is key to all of us as humans, parents, and in business.  We discuss how to build it in your children, and how to build it in yourself.  How to be more conscious of your subconscious – when by its very nature you’re not aware of it.

Show notes

  • Emotional Intelligence is being smart with our feelings – using your thinking in order to be smart with our feelings in order to relate with people
  • 4 key philosophies… and which causes us the most challenges:  The Wisdom lies Within (Focus on within); No way is The Way (Respect for others); Collaboration makes more possible (Competition vs Collaboration); Trust takes effort and yields perpetual returns (Feeling safe)
  • The first step to take to better EQ – and why without it, it’s like your friends are sending you WhatsApp messages and you have no data to receive them!
  • How to better help our children to build their EQ skills
  • How to be more conscious of your subconscious – when by its very nature you’re not aware of it
  • How to better manage those moments when you ‘lose it’
  • How to better set goals to ensure you achieve them
  • How to build resilience without necessarily going through tough times

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