038 – Working half day: What you need to know

Working half day is a great option for many people in different phases of life.  Some use it because they are  having small children and want to be more present, others use it to keep earning a steady income while they work on their new business during the other half day, and some use it as they go into retirement.  For many newly divorced people, it’s a way to get back into the work force as they now need to make more money.

I’ve personally done half day for 5 years over the span of my career for both maternal reasons and when I was starting my business.  I also did it under 6 different bosses – 5 in one company and one in another.  It can work very well, but it also can be really challenging.  So I share with you the lessons I’ve learnt not only about how to go about it, why to do it, and how you can structure it.  You need to know the pro’s and con’s before embarking on it.

Show notes

  • Why I think it’s a fantastic option – the pro’s
  • What you need to know – the con’s and how to manage it
  • How to structure it
    • Salary
    • Making the timing work – including those ‘off-sites’
    • Training your boss and employees

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