031 – Getting the support you need for your worklife

Dr. Maelisa Hall and Amber Hawley look at the networks you need to support you as a woman entrepreneur.  They discuss the options:  Biz Besties (a dedicated sounding board); masterminds; tribes; 1-on-1 and group coaching.  We also discuss options of how to structure these network options, why women aren’t as good at leveraging their networks, and making sure you overcome the isolation of entrepreneurship.  Both are licensed therapists, yet both have different non – therapy related second businesses (including their joint podcast show).

Show notes

  1. The isolation of entrepreneurship and how to overcome it
  2. How they met each other, and became each other’s entrepreneurial support system
  3. Get Stuff Done (GSD) retreats, and how to structure them.  The power of a focussed week or weekend to move your business forward.
  4. The difference between Masterminds and Tribes and Group Coaching and which they would choose and why
  5. Being clear about what your needs are to determine which type of support you need – they all meet different needs
  6. Why women aren’t as good at leveraging their networks, despite having many different networks
  7. Why both of them have online businesses in addition to them being licensed therapists
  8. How to create a successful business accountability relationship – a “biz bestie”
  9. How to learn to systematize your work and networking
  10. How to leverage conferences to network
  11. Why it’s important to Network
  12. The shift from 1-on-1 mentoring to online mentors such as authors / bloggers / niche leaders in the entrepreneur world

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