029 – Family finances with award-winning financial journalist Maya Fisher-French

Award winning personal finance journalist, Maya Fisher-French talks to Lisa Linfield about her own personal finance journey, family finances and the challenges to raise financially wise children.  Learning from her own experiences and that with teenage children, we discuss the transition from school through university and to first jobbers and how to guide people through the financial journey.

Show notes

  • How she got into financial journalism
  • Why she encourages young people to study broadly
  • Why people are more likely to share a picture of themselves naked than their bank balance
  • How her early childhood made her passionate that every women needs to understand their family finances, especially when she’s staying at home
  • How she and her husband dealt with the financial knocks life gave them – and how it brought them closer
  • Why it’s important that partner’s understand the money environment their partner group up in
  • The challenges in deciding wills
  • The real life lessons from teaching her teenage son about money – and the difference between a need or a want
  • Post-university children – should they stay home longer?
  • Her one lesson she’d give first jobbers
  • The challenge we have in teaching the growing first time earners about money
  • Understanding the real cost of debt
  • Her book that answer the most common questions readers wrote to her

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