024 – Three ways to nail the idea for your new business

Not everybody that has their own business believes they are a born entrepreneur.  In fact many people struggle to come up with what they would do to earn their second income. I definitely was one of those who thought I was a corporate woman through and through… I never wanted to start my own business.  And then things changed – I changed.  I take you through my journey, my dead ends, and how I discovered my passion and problem that I wanted to solve.

Show notes

  • As a child, I never believed I would be anything but a corporate woman
  • But circumstances meant I found myself in career limbo
  • So I found myself wondering if I should rather have my own business.
  • However – I had absolutely no idea what to do.  So I began to explore…
  • The reason you may want a franchise – and my investigations into that!!!
  • How I discovered my passion
  • Three ways to discover your


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