011 – Taking your investments from a park run to an iron man

Show notes

No one ever does an ultra iron man immediately… you start with a park run, go for 10km, add in other disciplines such as swimming and riding and then train within this race.  Nor can you immediately invest the amount you need to or in the range of investments you need to in order to be ready for retirement.

I learnt from my brother that training for an ultra iron man uses the same steps as Long Term Wealth Creation. Listen here to learn how.

We’ll discuss how,

  • like an iron man, you need a unique approach because you have your own risk tolerance
  • why behavioural economics impacts our investment returns
  • why changing your plan on race day is a bad idea – and how this is similar in investments
  • the impact of timing and age on your investment strategy on the retirement you will enjoy
  • the four types of diversification you need for your investments – what they are and why you need them (at 15’25”)

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