Podcast 007 – Reprioritising for financial ease and confidence with Donna Mc Callum

Donna Mc Callum, a.k.a. The Fairy Godmother, joins Lisa Linfield on this podcast to discuss creating financial ease and confidence.  She has clients in 45 countries in the world, and over 10,000 who have done her courses.

Show notes:

We discuss

  1. How she sold her business and followed her vision to become ‘The Fairy Godmother’
  2. Her biggest lesson in life
  3. How financial issues stop people achieving their vision and how to overcome those issues
  4. Creating a healthy relationship with money – because there are only two relationships in our life that last forever:  our relationship with ourselves, and our relationship with our money
  5. How to get over the culture of spending we live in
  6. How to feel ease and confidence about money
  7. The two questions you need to answer in order to start changing your relationship with money
  8. Why money doesn’t stay with you
  9. How a client of hers committed to save R500 and ended up with R36,000
  10. Her definition of financial freedom
  11. How you deal with a partner who’s not on the money journey with you
  12. How you transition to your new vision
  13. How you create accountability

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