005 – Behind the scenes of a Serial Entrepreneur

In this episode we interview Jain McGuigan, owner of 5 businesses and serial Entrepreneur.

Jain takes us through the highs and lows of her 15 year entrepreneurial journey

We learn about:

  1. Why she started her own business (hint:  it was to solve a problem, not a lifelong burning desire).
  2. How she pivoted in those businesses to to remain relevant to a changing world.
  3. She discusses the three major challenges entrepreneurs face, and how she’s dealt with them.
    1. Finances
    2. Marketing
    3. Networking
  4. How she started the Small Business Forum to help others facing the same challenges she did
  5. Her latest two businesses and how they started out of helping less fortunate ladies develop their sewing business
  6. Which one piece of advice she read on this blog to help her achieve what she wanted
    1. Hint:  How badly do you want it
    2. Hint 2:  #TurnTheTVOff

Resources mentioned

  1. Small Business Forum website
  2. Business number 5:  Fashion designer portal
  3. Business number 3:  Refract Marketing Agency

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